End of lease cleaning

The process of cleaning out your car is an easy one. All you need to do is leave the vehicle for a few days in some dusty and smelly area and then pick it up to drive off. As long as the car stays clean, you can expect it to be in good shape before you get back to it. But with so many variables at work, you must be sure that you take proper care of the car before getting your cleaning tools ready.

End of lease cleaning

This is important because cleaning out your car is an important and lengthy process. You will have to make sure that it is done professionally, without leaving anything behind, and with minimal damage to the interior and exterior of the car.

Here are some of the proper tips for completing this chore:

It is always best to allow the vehicle to stay in a well-ventilated area where the air is well-distributed. You must know how to operate the correct vacuum or brush that will give you the cleaning power you need. Make sure that there is enough room inside your vehicle for the cleaner, as it may not fit if it is inside an enclosed space.

Be sure to replace the filter inside the engine before cleaning the vehicle. While some filters will go bad over time, you must consider replacing the filter every time you get a new one. You should always buy a more expensive filter as you do not want to get stuck with a dirty filter again.

Remove all items from the vehicle. Also, be sure to remove all the debris on the floor and dashboard. Use the vacuum and brush to completely clean everything inside the vehicle. If you don’t use the brush, you risk scratching the car’s finish, as well as damaging the vinyl.

Vacuum the interior thoroughly. Turn the engine off when it is empty, and leave it overnight to allow the cleaner to thoroughly dry out.

Exterior cleaning can be done with a brush and vacuum. Be sure to vacate any parts of the vehicle which might attract dirt. For example, cleaning the undercarriage with the brush will not remove oil stains from the underside of the car, nor will it remove dirt from underneath the hood.

Your car will look like new when you have done all this. Before you can enjoy the performance and value of your car, you must have it thoroughly cleaned.

Do not allow dirt to collect on the outside of the vehicle. Always make sure to remove it before you leave the car for the day.

Cleaning out your car is a little like having a brand new car. With a little bit of preparation, you will find it is a more enjoyable and attractive experience for yourself.

Isobel Ellis